Years ago, Alfred Couch purchased a small farm in Kentucky that was within commuting distance to his job in Indiana. However, the 20 acre cattle operation was in disrepair with grass that was only mowed once a year, an overgrown pond, and fencing that was down in many places. In addition, the soil was not productive and much of the land was too wet to maintain hay production.

Couch began to look for opportunities to improve his land and increase revenues from his property. After registering his farm with the Farm Service Agency (FSA), he began to receive newsletters related to various USDA programs. It was in one of the newsletters that he heard about the Wetland Reserve Program (WRP).

Couch applied for WRP, received a contract and now has 20 acres in permanent easement on the farm. He is doing the restoration work on his own which not only compensates him but gives Mr. Couch the connection to the success of the restoration work. The environmental benefits for future habitat diversity will be carried through generations thanks to Mr. Couch and the WRP easement program.

Alfred Couch owns a small farm in Hopkins County, KentuckyAlfred Couch owns a small farm in
Hopkins County, Kentucky.
He is constructing a shallow water area
and planting native bottomland hardwood
trees to improve the wildlife habitat..