Traditional Pow Wow

                                                                         News Feature                                                           1/16/2013

Gichi Manidoo Giizis - Traditional Pow Wow

 “Taking Care of the Land and Community” Traditional Pow Wow was held on January 12, 2013 at the Black Bear Casino in Carlton, Minnesota. NRCS and other USDA agencies were invited by Nikki Crowe, Coordinator of the 13 Moons Program for the Fond du Lac Tribal Extension Program, to participate in the pow wow hosted by the 13 Moons Program. The purpose for inviting tribal, state and federal agencies to exhibit at the Gichi Manidoo Giizis (Great Spirit Moon) traditional pow wow was to provide tribal community members an opportunity to learn about programs that can help tribal communities take care of the land and community. Also, the invitation to the pow wow provided USDA/NRCS and others the opportunity to spend time at a traditional event attended by Native American communities.

Male dancers in their beautiful regalia.  Photo by: Anna Marineau Merritt, Gordon, WI.The event brought together an estimated 1500 people. Native American community members from all four directions, in addition to Fond du Lac community members attended the pow wow. Traditional activities at the pow wow included dancing, drum contests and moccasin games.

The NRCS exhibit showcased literature on NRCS’ mission and vision, who NRCS is and what we do. A special thank you to Debe Walchuk, State Tribal Liaison; Dave Wise, FDLTCC Tribal Liaison; and Gail Bong Soil Conservation Technician for staffing the booth at the pow wow.

Crowe said that feedback reported from community members indicated they found the exhibitors and vendors to be the most helpful part about the pow wow event! Interested in more information and comments about the powwow? Check the Facebook page that can be accessed via the website:

For additional information regarding Minnesota NRCS’ involvement in the “Gichi Manidoo Giizis traditional pow wow,” please contact Walchuk at 218-681-6600.

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