Water Bank Program (WBP)

Background Information

The intent of WBP is to keep water on the land for the benefit of migratory wildlife such as waterfowl.  Landowners and operators can apply for 10-year rental contracts to protect wetlands and provide wildlife habitat.

Landowners receive annual payments for conserving and protecting wetlands and adjacent lands from adverse land uses and activities, such as drainage, that would destroy the wetland characteristics of those lands.

Additional WBP Information:

Fact Sheet (PDF; 2 MB)
Application for Long-term Contract Assistance (AD-1153) (PDF; 102 KB)


Program Contacts:

Todd C. Hagel
Assistant State Conservationist (Water Resources)

Phone: 701-530-2004

Curtis W. Bradbury
Resource Conservationist

Phone: 701-530-2092