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Cutoff for 1st Ranking Cycle was July 9th.
Applications can still be submitted and will be considered if funds are available.

So hurry and

Do a free on-line self-assessment of your own operation to see where could become more energy efficient. NRCS supports several on-line assessments at and at

NRCS also offers financial assistance to help cover costs for a detailed ENERGY AUDIT. It will assess the energy consumption from your cooling/heating system, milking/feeding equipment, lighting, pumps and machines located in the production buildings of any agricultural operation. The information will be analyzed and measured to reduce consumption and ways to more effectively utilize your energy resources will be recommended.

Producers interested in funding for energy audits through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) special initiative should apply by September 30th to be considered for the next funding cycle.

Who will conduct the audit? NRCS certified Technical Service Providers (TSP) are available to do the job. They have the expertise to do the work and you will have the opportunity of selecting the one you would like to do the assessment for you. The following internet link takes you to the TSPs available for your area. (Under “Select Category“ choose CAP-Agricultural Energy Mgmt-Component 2-Headquarters Plan Development.)

How are expenses covered? If you are selected to participate, funding will be based on the payment schedule that applies to your farm. Click here to see the payment schedule.

Knowing the rate will help you shop for a TSP. You will negotiate and contract with the TSP and NRCS will reimburse you for the job according to the payment schedule. Any difference between the NRCS payment and the amount you agreed to pay the TSP will be your responsibility.

How to apply? Fill out the application form for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP, attached below) and send it/bring it to the county USDA-NRCS field office. The following link provides the field office information: Field office directory. The application will be evaluated for eligibility and our field office staff will give you further guidance on the process.

NRCS-CPA-1200 ? EQIP Application Form (PDF, 42KB)

Continue with the implementation of the energy conservation and efficiency measures. The recommendations provided with your energy audit could help you be more efficient with the utilization of your energy sources and could help you save energy which could help you be more profitable. This is why it is important for you to implement the energy conservation measures.

The USDA-Rural Development (RD) has a rural energy program that provides incentives for energy audits and implementation of respective conservation measures. To obtain more information visit the Rural Development website.


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