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Profiling Maryland's Conservation Successes

The Trans outside of their poultry house.

New Poultry Farmers Use NRCS Conservation Program to Protect the Chesapeake Bay

Muoi and Johnathan Tran raise chickens on Maryland's eastern shore, where the management of livestock manure and litter is highly scrutinized. With help from NRCS and the Chesapake Bay Watershed Initiative, the Trans are able to reduce pollution, remain profitable and improve water quality.

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Drip Irrigation at Angelica Nursery

Soil Conservation and Water Use Efficiency Are In Maryland Nursery's Roots

The local conservation partnership has guided Angelica Nurseries' conservation investments from the beginning.

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Will Morrow grows tomatoes in his high tunnel.

Organic Farm Diversifies With Seasonal High Tunnel

At Whitmore Farm, a variety of heritage breed livestock- rabbits, goats, chicken, hogs and lamb- take center stage. When owner Will Morrow decided to raise vegetables as well, he turned to NRCS' Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative to extend the growing season and maximize productivity on his small farm.

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Conservation planning at Panora Acres.

Chesapeake Bay Family Brings Land Back to Life

At Panora Acres in Carroll County Maryland, the Sellers family had 300 head of dairy cattle eroding the stream banks and increasing nutrient concentrations in runoff. Through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, the family installed stream crossings to allow safe passage and avoid erosion and nutrients in the stream. They fenced their cattle out of 2 1/2 miles of the stream and planted buffers to stabilize the banks.

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