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Every day is Earth Day at NRCS. This Conservation Showcase is your portal to the stories of New York farmers and forest land owners working together with NRCS and our partners to protect the nation's soil, water, animals, plants and air. We hope that through these stories, you'll understand how NRCS is helping people help the land every day in the Empire State.

Covered barnyard after construction Sightings of Declining Bird Species Increase as Landowner Improves Habitat
New Barnyard for Heifers Helps
Improve Water Quality
Rensselaer County Diary Farm
Implements Wetlands Reserve
Part of an improved irrigation system to provide increased water and energy efficiency A pothole ready for ducks to visit  
Agricultural Management
Assistance Program Improves
Farmer's Irrigation System
Sightings of Declining Bird Species
Increase as Landowner Improves
Volunteers assisting farmers maintain young trees in stream buffers Pam Schreiber with a new high tunnel that extends her vegetable crops growing season
Volunteers Step Up to Help
Farmers Maintain New Trees
Within Stream Buffers
Diverse Organic Farm Sees
Growing Success with Help
from Conservation Program
Doug and Mary Newman with their daughter outside their seasonal high tunnel Bog turtles are the smallest and one of the rarest turtle species in North America
Seasonal High Tunnel Success Results
in Food Bounty to Be Shared
Record Number of Acres Restored
for Protection of Bog Turtle

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